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Marvel Street - Bryon Bay - Drop Coffee

Marvel Street - Byron Bay

First off, a warm welcome to all our new subscribers! This week we are visiting Marvel Street in Byron Bay. Back in 2020, I was up in Byron for my honeymoon. I had heard of Marvel and new it was good so my wife & I thought we'd go check them out. It was only when we eventually found them that we realised they were solely a roaster and not a cafe. None-the-less, the still welcomed us in, made us some great coffee and took the time to have a conversation with us. To this day, it sticks out as one of my best coffee experiences over the years. It embodies what coffee community & culture is about. If you are ever up in Byron, I highly recommend you drop in (pun intended) and say hi. Maybe even let them know you came from the Drop community. More from marvel:

We are a small coffee roasting business born in Byron Bay NSW Australia.

We began roasting coffee back in 2009, in a small shop on Marvell Street in the heart of Byron Bay. Those early days were full of experimentation and learning, and running a retail store and coffee roaster saw us quickly outgrow the space we were in. We moved to the Byron industrial area and decided to put all our focus and energy into roasting amazing coffee. 10 years on the team is Joe, Marc, Fergus, Shota, Rei, Nico and Linda, a strong and determined bunch of legends that love what they do.

We believe that coffee should have minimal intervention by not only the roaster but by the farmer during growing and processing. We select and roast coffees that are balanced, naturally sweet and free of defects. This philosophy gives us no choice but to buy the best quality coffee we can. On a community level, we try where possible to support businesses that operate with the intent to benefit their local community and environment, as a company we also operate with a similar mindset. You can find a map of where to drink our coffee here."


 "We know what we like and focus on purchasing coffees from Central and South America, West Africa and support a local producer called Friday Hut Coffee, located right here in Byron Bay.

Our core coffee supplier is Caravela Coffee, they are all well known for their ethics, focus on quality and trade transparency. Caravela coffee is a certified B-Corp and has won “Best in the World” on numerous occasions which rewards them for their impact on their workers, community, customers and environment.  We also work with Melbourne Coffee MerchantsCafe Imports, Condesa Co-Lab and Nordic Approach

As a growing company we are conscious of our impact on the environment, we try our hardest to make as little impact as possible. Our roaster is a Loring Smart Roast designed to be extremely efficient and low emission. Almost half our orders are hand delivered by us in reusable buckets. This saves about 250,000 coffee bags a year going into landfill. Our retail coffee bags are now 100% recyclable and we also make our shipping satchels from the materials our green coffee is stored in.

Aside from roasting and delivering awesome coffee, we love our customers and supporting them in a way that builds confidence and develops their skills and knowledge about coffee.

If you would like to know more about what we do please visit us at the Roastery, here in Byron Bay, 1/11 Grevillea Street."


"A blend of high grade fresh regional Colombian coffees which we have sourced & selected for their clean, sweet & extraordinary favours. Both coffees have been carefully roasted & blended in a way to produce a balanced & tasty espresso coffee. Daily Grind is always beautifully sweet with or without milk.."

50% El Paraiso, Colombia

50% El Meridiano, Colombia

Roast date

Variety - Caturra, Colombia

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Nectarine, Melon, Chocolate



"Thunderbird is currently a 70/30 blend of washed and honey processed coffees. Roasted with the traditional espresso lover and milk coffee drinker in mind. Thunderbird is roasted carefully to produce a specific cup profile that is lower acidity and a focus on chocolate and caramelised flavours. Like everything else we roast, we chose the coffees in this blend because they are sweet, clean and were grown and processed beautifully. This means it can be enjoyed with or without milk to the very bottom of the cup!"

70% La Estrella, Nicaragua

30% Las Hermanas, Costa Rica

Roast date
 - 06

Variety - Multiple

Process - Washed / Honey Process

Flavour notes - Grape, Malt, Chocolate

"Andino is a coffee brand we purchase from regularly, the producer group, scattered around the mountainous Macizo Colombian region of Huila where the three ranges of Colombian Andes converge, has around 100 members and a reputation for producing vibrant, crisp, and super clean coffees. This lot is different though, it's drawn from a much smaller pool of producers, essentially making it a 'micro-lot'. A smaller lot means more consistency, higher quality and better flavour and it does not disappoint. 


Origin - Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Roast Date - 06/06/2022

Variety - Caturra

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1950 masl

Flavour notes - Red apple, Mandarin, Toffee




"What can we say about Luis Edier? He's one of our all-time favourite producers, a guy that has been a specialty coffee pioneer in Colombia and someone we purchase from, year in, year out, without fail.

A thirty-year coffee veteran, he has worked tirelessly to improve his farm and the quality of each harvest which has ultimately empowered him to provide a better quality of life for his family and community. This lot is a blend of Gesha and Caturra varieties, the Gesha providing the floral and sweet notes, whilst the Caturra provides backbone and depth.

Luis is immensely proud of what he's managed to achieve in his career in coffee, here at Marvell Street we couldn't be more stoked for him."

Origin - Rioblanco, Tolima, Colombia

Roast Date - 06/06/2022

Variety - Gesha, Caturra

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1800 masl

Flavour notes - Jasmine, Lemonade, Salted Caramel



Espresso - 9 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.6 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time


Espresso - 6 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.6 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time



Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:14(dry coffee:water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Flow rate - fast

*Adjust grind size to achieve desired flow rate


Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:13 (dry coffee : water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Brew time - 90 seconds (including bloom)

Press consistently over 15-20 seconds.


Stove top

Ratio - 1-13 (dry coffee : water)

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