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Sample - St Peters - Drop Coffee

Sample - St Peters

This week are back at Sample!  An OG roaster out of St Peters who is a certified B-Corp. If you don’t know what a B-Corp is, they are businesses that reached the highest standard off verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Read more about B-Corp here.


"Sample Coffee is a deliberately small business that believes in the power of little things making a big impact.
Thinking about tomorrow’s coffee ritual makes us just as excited as a kid before a school trip. And we acknowledge that this feeling is only made possible by the dedication of many individuals. From the grower back at origin to the roaster here at home; every tiny part counts.
Our daily work focuses on offering a consistently high-quality coffee experience in balance with a responsible business practice based on respect, generosity and joy. We do this by being present, paying attention to the small details and investing in long-term relationships with those who also care about their communities and lands.
From little things, big things grow.
Today we are featuring 4 coffees from Sample. They’re two delicious blends and two small crop singles. Read about them below."



"Pacemaker is our house blend, sweet with lots of body and created to suit milk coffee. Served black it has flavours of dark chocolate, and cherry ripe. Served with milk there are notes of Malteser, cherry, and vanilla."

66%: Colombia - El Meridiano
34%: Ethiopia - Jabanto

Roast date - 04/07/2022

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Dark chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla


"Created originally to pair Flour and Stone pastries, Sweet Tooth has a rich body and low acidity. Served black it has flavours of 70% dark chocolate. Served with milk there are notes of dark chocolate, raspberry and cookie."

66%: Colombia - Arsosala
34%: Ethiopia - Andino

Roast date - 04/07/2022

Process - Washed / Natural

Flavour notes - Milk chocolate, Raspberry, Cookie dough

" The northern region of Cajamarca in Peru is known for its production of quality coffee, natural reserves and water sources. In this area, near the town of Jaen, we meet Eleuterio Quispe Perez and his wife Juana Diaz Zamora, at their farm El Palmo. It is named after an old and big palm tree located in the middle of the terrain. Eleuterio has been involved with coffee for 47 years, almost a lifetime, and it all started when his father motivated him to begin his own coffee production. He saw that the profitability of other crops wasn’t as good as coffee and so decided to start producing coffee. Over these years, coffee has been his main economic income and with which he has been able to sustain his family. Also, in his spare time, he does some woodworking. After forty years, Eleuterio decided to switch to specialty looking for quality and better prices. This change has brought improvements in his family’s quality of life and he has been able to pay for the education of his kids, which brings him a lot of joy. As per his current challenges, they are to improve the quality of his coffee and learn more about processing. He wants to improve his wet mill area to achieve better coffee and make some improvements to his house."

Origin - Jaen, Cajamrca, Peru

Roast Date - 04/07/2022

Variety - Caturra

Process - Washed

Altitude - 2750 masl

Flavour notes - Blood Plum, White grape, Cacao

"Mario Guerrero Troya owns the 10-hectare farm called Finca La Chonta, which is planted with 9000 coffee trees, guava, and plantain. The coffee at Finca La Chonta is picked ripe and depulped/demucilaged the same day before being fermented underwater for 18 hours and then set to dry on raised beds for 12 days."

Origin Zamora Sur, Ecuador

Roast Date - 04/07/2022

Variety - Typica

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1500 masl

Flavour notes - White nectarine, Pear, Cherry blossom



Espresso - 9 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.4 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time


Espresso - 6 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.8 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time



Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:15(dry coffee:water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Flow rate - fast

*Adjust grind size to achieve desired flow rate


Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:14.5 (dry coffee : water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Brew time - 90 seconds (including bloom)

Press consistently over 15-20 seconds.


Stove top

Ratio - 1-11 (dry coffee : water)

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