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Phew - Beecroft

Welcome to Phew Coffee! A brand that is close to my heart because I helped start it!

"Phew started in September 2020 as an extension of our coffee shop: Harvest specialty coffee. It was a way for us to explore moving up the supply chain while trying to create a really great product.

As a cafe, there are generally a lot of restrictions that come with using a particular brand of coffee. Having our own brand of coffee allows us a lot of freedom on what we can do and who we can collaborate with. This is important to us as it allows us to collaborate with a lot of the great roasters you’ve experienced on drop & sell them alongside Phew.

We would love you feedback on these coffees as we’re always looking to improve."



60%: Colombia - Herrera Tolima

40%: Nicaragua - El Grandillo

Roast date - 8/11/2022

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Peach cobbler, Toffee, Milk chocolate


100%: Andino, Colombia

Roast date - 8/11/2022

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Christmas cake

"Huila is the largest specialty coffee producing region in Colombia. However it is not only known for the quantity it produces, but also for the amazing quality of the coffees. Huila is a mountainous department that lies in the southwest of the country between the Eastern and Central mountain ranges, in the Colombian Massif, where these meet. Huila is important for many reason. Firstly, the Magdalena River, Colombia’s largest river, is born there. Secondly, the Nevado del Huila, Colombia’s third highest peak is located in the region and its snow capped tops can be seen from miles away. But most importantly for us, Huila was the birthplace of specialty coffee in Colombia."

Origin Huila, Colombia

Roast Date - 8/11/2022

Variety - Caturra, Castillo

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1900 masl

Flavour notes - Orange, Pear, Nectar


 "Mynor Edelmiro has been working in coffee farming for sixteen years. Only two years ago he began selling part of his crop as specialty coffee. He inherited the farm when his father emigrated to the United States for financial reasons. At a young age, he dropped out of school and faced a major challenge in taking over the farm to preserve the family legacy. At the time, there were only cattle and horse paddocks, but he decided to use the land to grow coffee, grains and lemons. To this day, he works with cattle in the off-season months because it gives him a second source of income."

Origin - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Roast Date - 8/11/2022

Variety - Caturra, Bourbon

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1480 masl

Flavour notes - Honeydew, Buttery, Black tea



Espresso - 9 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.2 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time


Espresso - 6 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.6 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time



Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:15 (dry coffee:water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Flow rate - fast

*Adjust grind size to achieve desired flow rate


Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:15 (dry coffee : water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Brew time - 90 seconds (including bloom)

Press consistently over 15-20 seconds.


Stove top

Ratio - 1 - 10 (dry coffee : water)

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