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Mecca - Alexandria

Mecca - Alexandria

“We started this place as an outlet for really great coffee. Despite a mature and booming cafe culture, most of Australia's coffee roasters had very limited access to transparency at the farm and origin level. When questions surfaced like "who grew this coffee, how much did they get paid, and why does this lot taste so different to that one?" we found the answers were unclear, so we set out to find some ourselves.

Sure enough, it was a serious can of worms. What else do you expect to happen when you start turning over rocks in an industry this big? It seemed like wherever we traveled, cupping spoons in hand, there was far greater things to discover - stories of crop disease, fairtrade labeling upsets, dodgy deals and logistical nightmares. We have spent many long flights, road trips, skype sessions and coffee dates asking how we can do better for our planet and for the people who deserve more recognition for producing good quality coffee.

We haven't compromised on our standards since day one, and that's the reason we're still here so many years later.

It’s easy to talk about the impact of the soil, altitude and variety on flavour quality. It’s much harder to recognise all the effort and work that went into creating the infrastructure up on those hills, or the difficulties of navigating shipping lanes. We always try to keep in mind the many hands that have touched our coffee before us. Those who have taken so much care and pride in their work before it ever arrives at our door. We really believe that we are a small piece of the puzzle, so we do our best to honour the efforts of the full community of people working together to bring you delicious coffees every day."

"Everyday we pour hundreds of House Blend. Why? Because we specifically tailored this specialty coffee blend to suit the palate of our customers. Our coffee roastery is focused on selecting top tier single origin coffee to deliver the best coffee cup every day, all the time."

Components - Topazio (Brazil) / Castillo (Colombian)

Roast date - 08/03/2024

Process - Natural / Washed

Flavour notes - Orange, Honeycomb & Milk Chocolate

"Designed for milk coffees, this a good ol’ all rounder, the one that kicks but at the same time caresses your senses. A specialty coffee blend that makes you want more, the one that eases the Monday blues. This is Moonwalker, a blend created with coffee beans from this planet but inspired by outer space. Bold and complex for those who appreciate a strong full-bodied brew."

Components - Castillo (Colombian) / Topazio (Brazil)

Roast date - 08/03/2024

Process - Washed / Natural

Flavour notes - Rich Dark Chocolate, Cassis & Pecan pie

"Welcome to the heart of Kenya's specialty coffee scene! Nestled in the picturesque Karundu area, just outside Tetu village in Nyeri County, Kiandu Factory crafts a coffee experience unlike any other. Karundu, embraced by the Aberdare Mountain range and the western slopes of Mt Kenya, is renowned for yielding Kenya's finest coffees. It's a paradise for coffee enthusiasts seeking the best.."

Origin - Karundu, Kenya

Roast date - 08/03/2024

Variety - SL28, SL34

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Bright & Juicy: Boysenberry & Sarsaparilla


This coffee is from the same community as we featured last week as part of the #SupportingStrongWomen campaign.

"It is very rare to be able to get a coffee that is traceable back to a single farm in Rwanda, so we feel extremely fortunate to be able to share this very special producer lot from Philippe Sinayobye. The altitude at which Philippe's coffee grows is a key component of its exceptional quality. At 1,800 meters, the conditions are ideal for producing coffee with distinct characteristics. The farm is managed by Philippe with the help of his wife, Angelique Muhayimana."

Producer - Philippe Sinayobye

Origin - Huye District, Rwanda

Roast date - 08/03/2024

Variety - Red Bourbon

Process - Washed

Flavour notes - Light & Floral: Raspberry & Pomegranate Molasses


Espresso - 9 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.2 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time


Espresso - 6 bar

Brew ratio - 1:2.5 (dry coffee : espresso liquid)

Temp - 94 Deg C

Time - 25-30 seconds.

*Adjust grind size to achieve the desired time



Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:14 (dry coffee:water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Flow rate - fast

*Adjust grind size to achieve desired flow rate


Temp - off the boil

Ratio - 1:14 (dry coffee : water)

Bloom - 30 seconds

Brew time - 90 seconds (including bloom)

Press consistently over 15-20 seconds.


Stove top

Ratio - 1 - 10 (dry coffee : water)

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