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Therefore - Carrara - Drop Coffee

Therefore - Carrara

Welcome to Therefore! Our first feature from Queensland!. These guys not only roast great coffee, but are highly focused on transparency and supporting the farmers as best as they can. Following the likes of Sample & Fieldwork, they release regular transparency reports to update us on.

Those on the Espresso subscription might notice something about this weeks #2 coffee: Andino. Its the same as our Ichihaze drop! This gives us a great opportuinuty to experience how different roasters approach the same coffee. Let us know which you prefered in the comment section below!

"We want to live in a world where coffee producers, their families and communities can thrive. Unfortunately, the history of coffee production is intertwined with that of colonialism and slavery. Even today it is not uncommon for producers and workers to be faced with poverty, food scarcity, and child labour. Modern slavery still exists within the coffee producing industry.

Coffee is traditionally sold at a price that has nothing to do with farmer's living expenses (Read: C Price) and is often below the cost of production. We don't like the idea of Wall Street influencing how much our producers get paid on a given day. Our sourcing partners always pay premium prices based on cost of production and quality; not the market price.

Here are a few of the ways we are helping to create a better future for coffee. We are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint and maximise our positive impact."


50% - La Estrella, Bicaragua
50% - Andino, Colombia

Roast date - 03/01/2023
Process - Washed
Flavour notes - Milo, Cranberry, Jersey caramels

100% - Andino, Colombia

Roast date - 03/01/2023
Process - Washed
Flavour notes - Golden syrup, Nectarine, Milk chocolate 

"Santa Isabel is a fifth-generation family farm, comprising 300 hectares in the beautiful and rugged region of Alta Verapaz: a unique growing region in Guatemala that has remarkable mountains, a cool climate and plenty of rainfall, as well as dense rainforest and impressive flora. Founded in 1875, the farm is today owned by Luis Valdés Sr and managed by his son, who is also called Luis—or, to his friends and family, “Wicho”."

Origin - Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Roast Date - 03/01/2023

Variety Caturra

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1400 - 1600 masl

Flavour notes Melon, Dark Chocolate

"Among the highlands of the municipality of Tarqui, Huila, you find a group of farms owned by ten siblings, the Guarnizo Family. Each member of the family has their own farm and their own families. Some of them are neighbors, creating a village of just the family, and some of them lie in more remote areas of the municipality. However, all nine of them have the same objective, to produce some of the best coffee in Tarqui. The Guarnizo Family has always been an example of family work, union, and partnership."

Origin - Hulia, Colombia

Roast Date - 03/01/2023

Variety Giesha

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1750 masl

Flavour notes Lemon meringue, Raisins



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